Another Magazine: Celebrating a decade

Monday, Sep 28, 2009

Thanks to Thx313 for the heads up, Winona is featured on current Another Magazine issue, “Celebrating a decade in style”. The picture is amazing but can I call it a “photoshop disaster” since the lot of airbrush?
Let’s hope we can get access to more pictures of this shoot.

16 Comments on “Another Magazine: Celebrating a decade”

  1. honestly Noni,,,i would hope that in maybe like45 years some will look back on this pic, and maybe some little girls,and maybe even some little boys, be inspired by you..cause you look somethin else..really.its a great artsy picture of YOU.

  2. how i feel is nopw is now,yesterday is tomorrows tomorrow,,you give me another day even befor it happens GIRL.,just had to say it with meaning. sometimes i am very scared, so i say so. MY MUSE bYOU ARE. and defeated i aint. .If tomorrow kills me, YOU save me. thats all, everytime.

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