New partial look

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2009

It was time to do some changes in our look, since Star Trek is about to be released on DVD and the site still had Amanda in the top banner. I don’t think to change the full theme, because this one is really functional, but I made a new banner using pictures of Winona attending the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode last year, because she was truly beauty that day. I hope you enjoy it.

2 Comments on “New partial look”

  1. …I like what you did, only if you could change them (pics) up a bit every now and then…also, getting into your forums as a member is like getting into Fort Knox, take the gold out and let the doors open will ya…and do update them more, its like a ghost town…I think I actually seen some tumbleweeds going by…thanks… :))

  2. sounds creepy i guess, but i always love the way she does her hair around Her ears….cant help it Winona, your BEAUTIFUL.

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