Winona salute Hal Ashby

Saturday, Jun 27, 2009

Winona attended last June 25 an academy salute to oscar winning filmmaker Hal Ashby at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in Beverly Hills. I added some HQ pictures of her (thanks to MaryJane) with awesome screenwriter Diablo Cody (which I’m praying to wrote Noni’s next movie, hah).

Public Appearances: AMPA’s salute to Hal Ashby

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  1. I am really happy to see Winona again ! Please stay cute and sweet as always , Winona (^_-)-*

  2. THat would be awesome if they can make a movie together. I always thought if they made JUNO back in the days it could’ve been Winona who played Juno.

  3. far from the truth, near an ifninite night.,,,closer to a lie,and lastly one question.,,,in HER EYes the of what i style of speak in and out,…no more only for me to ask….when i put to you the truest poetry of my heart at any given time..,i say to you.,i in my heart it has reacheded beyond words…but have them i do ,there is more..and really all i mean is to say,would you miss me?

  4. we drnak their water and we tasted their sugar,,,Noni remembers that me and hHERS wont likin to it….the Earth our Ancesters walked,and to death they let us drink and be merry, cause as crazy as it gets so we walked to the truth that we CAN meet on any Givin night while The GREAT SPRIT sends us many signs and to us we may drink and say.

  5. btw Juno was a great my opinion,what made it great was the diologue…and the song at the end brought it all together…in my opinion…….dont Noni look good?…i wonder if she woulda took the role if time allowed.honestly though i hate to talk about Winonas age and looks unless it in poetic form cause she stills looks 20 and even 16 sometimes to me…cant yall see ?

  6. lovely as always….

    @luigi: some years ago it was also announced that Winona would attend a music festival in italy – that was a hoax. Let’s see what comes out of this….

  7. i think she would have killed that role of Juno..could you imagine?a pregnant goofy sarcastic Winona…the jokes would have been better thats for sure.and the emotion in her voice..Caligulia would have cried.cant start the revolution without you Noni.

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