The Informers – New website

Monday, Apr 13, 2009

The official website for “The Informers” is up!

You can see a full scene with Winona, nothing different than official trailer, also she has her own part on the cast biography.
The movie opens in April 24th!

Also, there’s a short in MTV Movies blog with the Informers’ autor talking about the final result of the movie. Here’s an excerpt:

Ask acclaimed novelist Bret Easton Ellis what “The Informers” is about, and you get nearly a minute of silences, false starts, and heavy exhaling.

“Um…A week in the lives of a group of people in Los Angeles in 1983, focusing mainly on…I guess, a trio of guys…” he eventually attempts, before scampering for a copy of the 1994 novel that serves as the basis for the new film. “Um…I’ve got a paperback of the book here. What does this say? No, that’s not a good synopsis either.”


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