“The Last Word” screencaptures

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009

Finally I was able to cap “The Last Word”. The movie was released in Blu-Ray last April 7th (sadly I couldn’t find it here in Brazil yet).

Plot: A reclusive writer played by Bentley makes his living composing other people’s suicide notes. His life gets turned upside down after he embarks on a tumultuous romance with Ryder, the sister of a recently deceased client.

If you didn’t saw the movie yet, DO IT! Winona is incredible beauty, and with a strong performance in the movie.

See the previous caps below:

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The Last Word (2008) – Screencaptures

3 Comments on ““The Last Word” screencaptures”

  1. One question: As you have the Blue-Reay, do you have full HDTV captures? I really would like to get them – please mail me and we can work something out like an account for you on my FTP-Server or something.

  2. Simon, I don’t have the Blu-Ray yet, can’t find it here in Brazil.
    As soon I got it will replace this caps for HDTV ones. 🙂

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