“Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael” screencaptures

Monday, Jun 1, 2009

Samantha noticed our gallery was missing screencaptures of the film “Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael”, and kindly send us 600+ screencaptures, plus DVD menus. Thank you! :love:

This is one of my favorite old-school Winona movies. In this movie, she’s Dinky, a 15 years old girl, adopted as a baby, who thinks she’s the abandoned daughter of Roxy Carmichael, a minor movie star who left town for Hollywood fifteen years ago after giving birth to a baby girl out of wedlock. Watch the trailer.

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael: Movie Screencaptures | Menu Screencaptures

8 Comments on ““Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael” screencaptures”

  1. Thanks!!! U’ve made my day! I soooo luv dis movie! Even converted my mum’s old fridge into a closet (only i didnt paint it pink like dinky did) and she rily freaked out!!! Thanks. U are an angel!

  2. Oh I forgot to ask… Anybody knows where I can get a copy of this movie’s dvd?

  3. I’m glad Samantha gave the site these pics. This is one of my favorite movies. This is classic Winona I <3 Winona.

  4. a thousand over a thousand a sheets of fire and ice stand between Her Heart and Her eyes no many have shared this secrets in their skies….at the threshold of an eternal saintly storm Her Eyes have fade the Sun and cloaked in a way that seeing them relents giving a second though to some lies living to them..for all of this is only a lie..through seeing them is yet still over more than a thousand and one thousands hidden truths.

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