Voom Portraits by Robert Wilson Opens Next Week in Valladolid

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2009

Valladolid will present “VOOM Portraits,” an exhibition of video portraits by the celebrated theater director and artist Robert Wilson, on view from April 2 through May 31. The exhibition is in cooperation with “VOOM Portraits – Robert Wilson”.

Wilson collaborates with his human subjects to develop costumes and settings that hark back to past works of art, history or popular culture. The exhibition at Paula Cooper Gallery will include a large portrait of Winona Ryder as Winnie, the main female character in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. Buried up to her neck in a mound of sand, Winona/Winnie gazes in the distance. As the sun rises and sets above her, some of Winnie’s accessories in the play (a toothbrush, a handbag and a gun) progressively become visible and invisible again. The gallery will also present an installation of snow owl portraits, which Wilson filmed in front of a vibrant polka-dotted background. [Read more…]

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  1. hi I think winona is gorgeous. I live in paso robles, ca. I’m available. Nat Stover

  2. hi just throwing all caution to the wild. If I only I could get this email to Winona. I’m Linda Cardellini’s cousin and I’m trying to get thru. In Paso Robles right now and contending with a critic situation. Please hep if you are able. Sincerely, Nat

  3. Going back thru to edit last email sent. i.e. critical situation that I need help with. nat

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