More pictures added

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008

Well, I just simple can’t start the revamp of this site, my time is totally short right now. But I found new pictures and decided to add to gallery today. Enjoy.

2 Comments on “More pictures added”

  1. Great adds again…

    Why revamping your site? I like it as it is. I’ve to admit the layout of MY page is toally outdated, but I think the content counts above all – today poeple use way to much of their time with “skins” and “layouts” and other gimmicks…(-;

  2. Thanks Simon.
    Actually, my “revamp” include new content to the site, too, as a graphics (icons, banners), video section, quotes and a complete filmography, too.

    I hate do “only” layouts, that’s why I didn’t change it yet.

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