“The Dilemma” screencaptures

Sunday, Apr 24, 2011

Even if the movie isn’t available in DVD yet, I was able to make HD screencaptures of Winona’s most recent movie, “The Dilemma”. The movie will be released in DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download in May 03. Be sure to get your own copy!

5 Comments on ““The Dilemma” screencaptures”

  1. No No No, I’m not going to click into it. As the cinema didn’t release this movie until now – sad. So I’m waiting for the DVD. Thanks anyway. :love:

  2. I have seen the movie twice now on Amazon, Great movie should have gotten more thumbs up. One of Winona’s best yet hope to see more movies in the future of a great actress.

  3. She looks good !

    My favorite STAR TREK scenes were the ones with her character in it. Looking forward to seeing The DILEMMA.

    Absolutely GORGEOUS website you’ve got here. I’ll bet SHE takes a peek, every now and then ! ! !

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