Winona Ryder: The Biography

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I got an email this week from Nigel Goodall, he’s author of “Winona Ryder: The Biography” which was the first British biography of Winona to be published in paperback in 1998. If you don’t know, this book is source for several major TV documentaries transmitted in the UK, USA and Canada.

“The book reads as though it is an authorised biography written with Ryder’s co-operation. By liberally using quotes from other sources, Goodall makes the book read as through he interviewed the actress, who comes across as an intelligent, talented and sensitive young woman.”
– Chris Samson, Petaluma Argus-Courier

Well, he wrote me to tell that now this book is now available form iTunes, Omnilit and as an ebook in various formats.

Also, be sure to join at the Facebook group done for the ebook, here.

7 Comments on “Winona Ryder: The Biography”

  1. I bought my copy years ago. It seems the new pressings has a different cover.

  2. Well, hopefully we’ll have a real book as soon as Winona will make a full comeback – eventually with Cheaters….(-:

    I’ll not go with any of these DRM-infested e-books that is dongled to a single hardware that will be outdated in a few years and most likely no longer available.

    If there is a website selling this as a simple PDF for a one-time fee….

  3. This is the one I was looking for!!! Wow! Big thanks to you, Luciana and to Author Nigel Goodall!

  4. Nigel is awesome. If you guys are on facebook, add him, he’s really cool. I’m getting his Johnny Depp Bio next.

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