“When Love Is Not Enough” release date

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010

Shooting of the Entertainment One/Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, “When Love Is Not Enough,” was completed in Toronto, Canada just before Christmas and is now in post-production. It is scheduled to be aired as a Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation on the CBS Network on Sunday, April 25 at 9 P.M. EST.

Here’s backstage picture:

Writer Bill Borchert with actress Winona Ryder and her father, Mike Horowitz, during a lunch break from the film.

Thanks ChrisB for the awesome news!

16 Comments on ““When Love Is Not Enough” release date”

  1. very rare picture indeed to see Noni and her Dad together. I enjoyed his cameo in Darwin Awards, along with her Mom Cindy.

  2. i write beautifully inspired by you. and the only reason i’ve found for this , is maybe im meant to.

  3. Hi Winona
    I admit that being in Al-Anon for 11 years isn’t easy but playing
    Lois Wilson the founder of Al-Anon would really put you back on the map
    as I’ve loved you since you were a teenager . Being in the meetings has
    been a great experience for me & I’m so grateful with gratitude that this
    movie is being made because even though it may not guide more people into
    the rooms it’ll make more people aware of it’s existence. I will be watching for sure because It’s great that an actress that I’ve liked will
    be playing her as I hope that I gave you something to go by as a current
    member of the program. I hope this went well for you & my prayers go out to you & your family

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