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Monday, Nov 16, 2009

Winona is in the latest issue (5-11 november 2009) of “L’express Styles”, the supplement of L’Express, a very well known magazine in France.
Michael Futura has translated the article for us, so take a minute, click on “read more” to read it.

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3 reasons to (re) discover Winona Ryder

At 37 years, the actress made her comeback in The Private Lives of Pippa LeeA moving film by Rebecca Miller, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller. Exclusive for L’Express Styles, it is revealed in privacy.

Looking ingenuous, with a smile of Mona Lisa,, Winona has cracked Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese, Jim Jarmusch, Francis Ford Coppola … The “Bride of Hollywood” has also ignited Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. In 2002, after 24 films in chains, Winona eclipsed the summit of glory: “I became depressed, my second … I had to return,” says the actress of her bohemian apartment in San Francisco , where she lives surrounded by a mountain of DVD movies and 12 guitars, including 2 offered by Bob Dylan.

1 She has character.

Behind its apparent fragility, Winona Ryder is a pasionaria with a child who is not exactly a “girl next door”: “I grew up in a hippie community in San Francisco.” His parents, writers, had a library in town and attended the elite of Beat Generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti … At school, she is regarded as a strange girl: “I wore clothes I unearthed in the Army hello. At 12, I was beaten by a gang of boys who thought I was lesbian. I left the course and I joined the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. ” At 16, after turning in Beetlejuice, By Tim Burton, Johnny Depp met Winona. She was 17 when she moves in with him. He is tattooed “Winona For Ever” on the shoulder. A couple kiss is immortalized by the objective of Helmut Newton.

Their failure is left on the floor: “I started to suffer panic attacks. For fear of losing her head, at 19, I interned in a psychiatric hospital.” Then, she takes refuge in work, goes on shooting. In addition, she leads a secret life. She attended Tom Waits and plays the guitar and drums. Insomniac, she spends her nights reading, is forging an impressive culture. Activist as his parents, actress sided with Amnesty International at the age of 18. Today, she supports the cause of children abused and exploited. “I made my own slogan for my godfather, Timothy Leary, poet and psychiatrist:” Ask the authority! “I walked with Patti Smith in demonstrations against nuclear power and the war in Iraq. Now, after living for three months on Indian reserves, I am a member of a committee that supports access to the Indian university. ”

2 is a creative actress.

In Hollywood, they call “the charming troublemaker” … It assumes: “I’m tired of being described as an elf or a little cute. When I shot my first film at age 14 years (Lucas, David Seltzer), had already very clear idea of scenarios that I liked. I was rather snobbish, but I am pleased today to have been difficult so soon. ” She agreed to play in Beetlejuice, Burton, “because this movie was unlike anything that was done in Hollywood. Her character, a gothic teenager rebelling against her parents yuppies, it sticks to the skin. The actress has always loved the project “difficult”. As The Age of Innocence, Martin Scorsese, based on the novel by Edith Wharton: “The fact that Martin would be captured aroused widespread skepticism. Producers characters were too anxious.” The film earned Scorsese a Golden Globe for best director.

Winona lists of filmmakers with whom she wants to turn and writing. Among these, Jim Jarmusch. In 1991, the latter invited him to lunch: “I introduced myself dressed all in black, with hair firecracker, to have a look underground.” Jarmusch shakes his hand, then launches “I love your outfit schoolboy!” She plays in his film A night on earthe, alongside Gena Rowlands: “Originally, my character, a taxi driver, was for John Turturro!” In 1996 with partner Daniel Day-Lewis, it plays in The CrucibleAdapted from the play by Arthur Miller, who is present throughout the film: “Before the film, Miller was asked to take part in the theater with him was terrifying in the role of Judge Danforth. In a scene, I had to spit in the face … I still wonder how I made it! ”

Thirteen years later, in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Winona before the camera is the daughter of the playwright. Alongside Keanu Reeves and Robin Wright Penn, the actor Rita, a poet and self-absorbed neurotic, vaguely suicidal and very funny despite itself.

3 is a smart girl.

Miss is so small (1.57 m), so small (45 kg) it was hard to get noticed at his first audition: “If I showed you the scripts I received when I started … The description of my characters comes down to this: “ugly girl”. ” A pair of jeans and flip flops at home, sneakers to the city. Winona did not return: “I grew up in an environment where the physics does not matter: the important thing was to be interesting. But to be interesting, we must forge a style! Often, j ‘arrives on set with suitcases full of clothes and I propose held in accordance with the way I see the character. This was the case for The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. The actress also has an impressive collection of costumes of the stars of Hollywood: “I wore the shirt that Olivia de Havilland in Gone with the WindThe robe of Leslie Caron in An American in Paris, jacket Claudette Colbert in New York-MiamiA bikini Sandra Dee … Sometimes I put them: in 2000, the Oscars, I had a dress Ava Gardner. ”

On plateaus, Winona loves makeup alone. The signs of time on its face does not frighten him: “I find it terrible that in the movie business, birthdays are experienced as a funeral,” she said, adding that she never inject Botox. Addict of used clothing, especially the Vendim Vintage shop in San Francisco, it does not mean snubs haute couture. Muse and close friend of Marc Jacobs, it was one of the first to wear his creations. To him, she agreed to appear topless, her breasts covered with a skateboard, on t-shirts calling for supporting the fight against melanoma due to overexposure to the sun. “I like the phrase written under the photo: Protect the skin where you are.”

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