Tribeca 2009: “Stay Cool” EW Review

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009 has two reporters covering the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and today they start to share what they’ve seen.

ADAM MARKOVITZ: I haven’t made it to as many screenings as you have, but I did catch the world premiere of Stay Cool, the new back-to-high-school movie from the Polish brothers (The Astronaut Farmer). Mark Polish was the lead, but the supporting cast — Sean Astin and Josh Holloway as goofy buds, Hilary Duff as a teen queen — definitely stole the show. And best of all was Winona Ryder, who skipped the premiere but was still the movie’s MVP for bringing loads of charisma to her role as a high-school dream girl who’s all grown up. And speaking of premieres, I’m off to see the debut of the Matthew Broderick drama Wonderful World. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. I hope Winona is better in this then some reviewers are saying. In all honesty, I don’t care if the film is the worst thing to ever hit the screen, I just want Winona’s performance to be good! Though, it’d be nice to see her in a film with a little critical acclaim again!

  2. after the first bad one Stay Cool gets more and more positive reviews…now it will be important that the Polish brothers get their movie into theaters….

  3. what is takin her??sometimes i wonder if she wants to stay “off the reservation”,,cause i think people are talking bad on her cause they cant think of anything creative to say about her or anyone for that matter without it blowin their minds or somethin,,cause all those critics think it makes em look smart if all they can accomplish is critizizing people,,specially her.i mean they couldnt do it how she does and they sure as hell aint smarter than she is.,and you really think they can express their emotions finer than Winona can…?make me laugh.

  4. she looks sometimes like a 25 year old mystic with those eyes,,and all the chicks i saw not even close were like lookin60 or 70…and yall can, i hope, see from where HER EYES came…….now try and convince me SHE aint some kind of magic…..aint she!

  5. just want her to do what she wants.if thats indie roles then fine,,i just want to see her win an oscar.., like 4 of em.really drinking alot last night,,,i dont even know what i was saying.blew the compliment on her eyes,,,i always knew i would if i tried to put in words,,maybe i shouldnt have been drunk that night…i hope she shoots for 4 consecutive Oscars soon.i know some of the secrets of the timing Winona,,if you would want to play a real off-beat, occultist, navigating, Keepest…myabe somewhere in like the turn of a century..well ill write and maybe see if you like.2 times i saw Marc Jacobs designs catch the wind “off gaurd” ya know,?how i mean? it did.anyway it could really be made into a true Winona movie. scarves

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