Star Trek World Tour

Monday, Apr 13, 2009

The world tour to promoting Star Trek has just beginning in Australia latest April 07 (Auckland and Kwait was already visited). I don’t expect to see Winona in any premiere than Los Angeles (maybe), but we’ll stay tuned.

Cities to be visited include:
– London, England
– Berlin, Germany
– Paris, France
– Madrid, Spain
– New York, New York
– Los Angeles, California
– Tokyo, Japan

Of course, if you want to follow any no-Winona updates regarding Star Trek, you can take a visit to my other site,

An update regarding our gallery. The domain has expired, and I decided not renew it since it’s not necessary. To visit our gallery, please go to GALLERY.WINONA-RYDER.ORG. All pictures are still there, just the url has changed. Thanks and my apologies for any inconvenience.

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  1. excerpt from the review:

    “I just couldn’t get enough of the all-to-brief scenes of Spock’s upbringing, with Ben Cross as Sarek, Winona Ryder as Amanda and the excellent Jacob Kogan as young Spock.”

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