Winona and Blake split?

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

Another couple call it quits. Winona Ryder and her boyfriend Blake Sennett have ended their romance, People reports. The actress and musician, who’ve been dating since October last year, reportedly break up for “good.”

No words on who initiated the split and when they actually decided so. It is only mentioned that Winona found the break up “tough”. Neither she nor the Rilo Kiley lead guitarist has commented on the report.

In Touch Weekly reported in October last year that Winona secretly dated Blake. The publication also claimed the movie beauty was seen attending his performance in Washington, D.C. None of them has ever confirmed their status though.

Amidst the break up report, Winona is having a number of movie projects in the pipeline. She’s having at least 4 movies to be released, they are “The Last Word,” “The Informers,” “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” and “Star Trek.”

Source: Ace Show Biz

4 Comments on “Winona and Blake split?”

  1. kinda thought shed lose that dude,,kina feel sorry for him…but,screw him,,hes spent time with her…all im sayin

  2. the drunker i get the stupider i sound..but dont lie to me or yourself people,,,you know you secretly wish for Winona to find her true love,,,you want her to find him as do I…shes like our proverbial,prodigal,prodigious,prodigy.with the looks that can tear your heart out then dip it in chocolate.that we,her fans, love and hope the best for her. and we dont know what that is but in someway it seems its whatever she wants .and cheesy as it sounds,I think its cool that shes our contemporary…and we notice.

  3. im drunk 1/2 time….give me a break….some of the stuff i say is just for fun,,but seriously,she is my fav actress (i have my reasons)….trust me Luciana, im just your everyday Mensa card holding depressed writer that has been hooked and hooved buy “the white bull”thats just an Ernest Hemingway just means Im way behind where i should’ve been at this point….kinda like someone else we know…Winona right?i dont know her but i check up on her to see hows she doing…thats all.

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